Why Mellon.properties?

We listen.
Listening shapes our entire engagement with our clients. “We listen” to what you want and what you need; we don’t rush to show you something or force a sale, and because “we listen” our clients enjoy the experience, and end up with exactly what they’re looking for at a fair price.

Our brief Mellon.properties “We listen questionnaire” helps find out right away what you’re looking for and how we can deliver for you.

We bring proven agents in sales, listings and ratings in the DC/MD/No.VA region.
Our agents help clients successfully sell or buy a home in a targeted, timely manner without feeling rushed or pressured.

We provide customized marketing to reach the right buyers.
Persuasive materials/messages/ads in targeted marketing channels. We invest in persuasive, customized marketing to reach the right buyers.

We recreate the personalized feel and quality-customized service of our life in Italy into our family-owned boutique brokerage.
We emphasize your client experience within a family-like culture. In contrast to “factory-like” brokerages that have absorbed many of the smaller firms.

Our Agents focus 100% of their time on clients.
Our principals are 100% focused on expertly managing the day-to-day working of the business so agents are not encumbered by administrative tasks.

We are a One-stop shop, where every step of the way is transparent and guided by knowledgeable professionals.
We ensure that the process is smooth, seamless and correct. We handle the details and advocate on your behalf every step of the way to make the process stress free and positive.

We bring cutting-edge technology for buyers to envision what a home could look like modifications.

We are a gathering place for collaboration and business.

Our beautiful offices were designed by star architect Olvia Demetriou, of HapstakDemetriou to meet and entertain clients, hold events, train agents, work, and collaborate.

We give back to our Community.
Our principals and agents involved in different philanthropic endeavors to help the homeless and rebuild neighborhoods.

We Listen.

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