Guiding Principles

Mellon Properties Client Meeting
These guiding principles represent our fundamental beliefs and are the underlying driving force behind all that we do.

We are client-focused.
No one knows better than our clients what they want. We begin by listening and do so throughout the process. Not only do we make it fun—we take care of all the logistical, legal, fiduciary and administrative tasks along the way, resulting in a fulfilling and even a pleasurable experience.

We are transparent.
We earn our listings, commissions, outstanding agents, partners and positive word-of-mouth by being honest, fair and transparent in all of our business and outcomes, delivering what we say we will.

We are practical & innovative.
We embrace creative marketing and cutting edge technology with the goal of creating a successful outcome for our clients. We continue to train our agents and the agent community as a whole, understanding that by always learning we can best serve our clients

We are motivated to succeed.
Our agents are motivated and incentivized to exceed clients’ expectations. Well-respected in the region their commission and listing splits are fair and lucrative, our marketing and technology is first rate, and agents are unencumbered, since all the administrative details are expertly handled 100% by the firm’s principals and administrative staff.

We are committed to true quality service
We strive to provide quality service in everything that we do. From listening to our clients, knowledgeable and motivated agents, a customized approach, first-rate marketing and technology, attracting the right listings and buyers and a stylish office hub.

We are collaborative and community-oriented.
As a family-owned brokerage we work collaboratively with our colleagues and network of agents to produce the best results for our clients. Our beautifully designed office is a hub for client meetings, entertaining, seminars and work. We value being part of and giving back to our community.

We Listen.

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