Victoria Mellon & Giuseppe Corvino

Realtor Victoria Mellon is a licensed broker in the DC/MD/No. VA area. Giuseppe Corvino has dealt in art internationally, is a trained chef, and innovative marketer. They cofounded after returning to DC from after living in both downtown Napoli and in a small fishing town on the Mediterranean sea in front of Capri, Procida and Ischia islands. Their vision was to reinvent the family real estate brokerage firm by, transforming the experience of buying and selling a home into something pleasurable, and even fun. The couple sought to recreate the Mediterranean values, warmth, personalized service, and commitment to quality that they experienced in Italy into their family-owned brokerage boutique. Victoria was a top performing real estate agent for 10 years before moving to Italy to marry Giuseppe, working with her mother Nancy Mellon, a pioneering woman-owner of a brokerage firm in Chevy Chase since 1984.

Dedicated to family, the move back to the States enabled them to take care of Victoria’s elderly mother and provide their teenage children with the immense opportunities afforded in the region. Both Victoria and Giuseppe value community and are involved in local philanthropic endeavors. Victoria is a part of the Alzheimer’s research group US Against Alzheimers and rare cancer donation national cycle Team Rockstar member. They share a passion for the arts, Mediterranean cuisine, the outdoors, playing and listening to music, and spending time with their family.

Victoria Mellon and Giuseppe

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